Dating Advice

The world of dating has its ups and downs, and sometimes we all need dating advice.

My goal is to share some of the dating advice and insights that I have learned from my own experiences and the experiences of others to help you progress through the hurdles of relationships.

Why Men Should Be Cheap On First Dates

Fancy Dinner

100′s of dollars of my pay cheque went to dates when I lived in the city. It was a time in which I met numerous woman and would go on 3 – 4 first dates a week. Besides the fact it is takes a ton of time and energy texting and arranging the date.  The […]

Why Do New Clothes Make You Feel More Confident

Confident Guy

I have 4 sisters and spent a large part of my teenage years working in a family business in which the employees consisted of mostly females. One of the trends I always noticed but never understood is that whenever they would be going to a large event, they would buy new clothes. I spent more […]

How Romantic Comedies Influences Us

Romantic View

Romantic Comedies are here to stay. They provide Hollywood tons of revenue. Rightfully so because there are millions of fans all around the world that enjoy them. One of the girls that I am involved with, lets call her Ruby. She is wonderfully nice with lots of great qualities however she has certain traits that […]

How To Tell If a Girl Has A Boyfriend


There is particular girl that’s caught your eye. She is beautiful, funny, smart and has all the qualities that makes you want to take things beyond friendship. But you are worried. Worried that she has a boyfriend. Perhaps a crazed boyfriend that at any moment will leap from the bushes and pounce on any guy […]

How to Tell If a Guy Wants To Kiss You

Man Staring

“You want to kiss me, don’t you?”, she said. This was the first time I have ever heard a girl say this to me. Was she a mind reader, or was my intentions that transparent? I hoped it was the latter otherwise if she was a mind reader, i was in trouble. I asked her […]