Why Do Guys Facebook Stalk Their Ex Girlfriends

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I don’t understand Facebook. I used it for about one year when it was first introduced, and quit. It felt like a popularity contest and giving other people access to what’s going on in my life never appealed to me so I hit that deactivate account button and never looked back. Well until a week ago. […]

Why Do Women Sleep With Their Boss

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How many women have slept with their boss? Browsing the web I stumbled across an old article that may give us the answer to this age old question. The article states that 15 percent of women have slept with their boss which doesn’t surprise me. Infact I figured it would be closed to 20 percent. A point […]

Why Do Men Ignore Women During The Game

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If you are my woman and I am watching a sports game, prepare to be ignored. It doesnt matter if the house is on fire. Unless the fire disconnects the electricity or ruins the cable signal, I am staying until the end. And I am sure I am not the only guy out there like […]

Why Do Women Go To The Bathroom Together in Groups


I don’t like double dates, and here I am at dinner with not only one other couple but two other couples, guess that makes this a triple date. My problem with these kinds of dates is that the date now becomes dependant on the enjoyment of all the couples collectively. If one of the couples […]

Why Men Should Be Cheap On First Dates

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100′s of dollars of my pay cheque went to dates when I lived in the city. It was a time in which I met numerous woman and would go on 3 – 4 first dates a week. Besides the fact it is takes a ton of time and energy texting and arranging the date.  The […]